*Titans Spawn time changed.Now they spawn 3 times/week at 20:00 PM server time

*Increased EXP for titans Demon Shaitan and Lord Yarkan

*Balanced Custom Unique Stats and experience

*Increased EXP for Custom uniques

*Added New NPC in Hotan with stones and elixirs for Degree 11

*Increased plus limit at +12 (+2)

*Academy is disabled untill further notice


- We added 3 voting websites for you to obtain free silk

-Voting will be possible once every 12 hours and the reward for one vote is 5 silk

-Happy gaming!

-Changed titan Spawn Time to 1 day/week Monday 20:00 Server Time

-Added unique monster Roc 1 time/week Friday 21:00 (Big rewards and Custom Title)

-Moved pet NPC Eukalipto to Hotan

-Added new scrolls and items to Schollar Jehar NPC in Hotan

-New pet fellows in Pet Shop NPC Eukalipto


-Experience increased and Drops and gold decreased

-Normal uniques Cerberus,Tiger Girl and Captain Ivy drop Lucky Powder D1

-Demon Shaitan now drops Devil spirit Upgrade Stones (Sabakun Jewel)

-Added Normal Advanced Elixirs for normal Weapons D11




ROCK - GM/DB Editor/Event Maker/Promoter

GLAMOUR - GM/Event Maker/Promoter

FALLEN - /Event Maker/Promoter

Server will be online starting tomorrow 13:00 GMT+2.New edits were made

* Rates were lowered

*Classic gameplay

*New events

More informations accesing this Link : Anunnaki [email protected] EPvP