Hello Silkroad Online players

My name is John Mattews , and a few months ago i had a dream.To open a long and stable private server of Silkroad Online.

Originally my dream was to amke it famous in my country since we don't have one stable or well-known but now i want to expand and

make it international.All players are invited no matter what region , country or race.I've done alot or research before i started this project

to what most people like and came up with a nice server to play here.

Server max level is 110 , last degree is 11 , with NOVA Gear (Anunnaki Collection) as the strongest items

Rates and Drops were lowered so people can fully enjoy all the exterience this server has to offer

We have a coin system so everyone can acces theese super items and a good free silk system for thoose who are loyal and long and stable players

Most of all i personally make daily , weekly and monthly events with different rewards!

All you have to do is register and play , then follow our Facebook Page every day for events and news!

Happy gaming to all


For more informations about this server please acces this link : Anunnaki [email protected] EPvP

For more informations about the daily events and news acces :Anunnaki Online FB Page